Service for a Noble Cause

Grassroots volunteers from around the world participate in the fulfillment of the Hansavedas mission and vision through dedicated and professional service for the cause. Volunteering is a value-based opportunity for training, learning and spiritual growth. Read the section below which explains the values we encourage volunteers to cultivate through their experience of heartfelt service.


Honour the Heritage. The heritage of your organization is precious and will be better preserved if you become the promise it beholds. Honour the precious heritage that your organization strives to protect. Reprioritize for the sake of turning over a new leaf, for refocusing on what we really care about, and for refreshing our commitment to good works. As an ideal volunteer, support the original articles or charter of your organization. Be the rekindling radiance like the Sun in all gatherings and in every situation. And thus be the noble influence without appearing imposing. Sharing love through kindness and charity never fails.

Revisit the Vision. Reviewing the organizational vision will keep you enthusiastic, focused, and results-oriented. Ponder on why you really care about this cause and this organization; study the goals. Fuel the flames of your energy through a deeper understanding about your organization’s mission. You will be greatly inspired when you see the results your organization is creating in people’s lives. Be prepared to gently shake up the stuck energy of a status quo, and bring about a dynamic approach for the future without being held back due to past stagnation. Be ready to analyze, adapt, and adjust without compromising the founding principles.

Think Deep. You are going to better the world, preserve the heritage, uphold the tradition, honour the environment, and motivate your community by deep thinking. Recognize the great power in your noble intent that brings your organization’s vision to life. With the right approach, you will attract the right servers along with ample resources for the common cause. A positive attitude is everything when you are reaching out and manifesting a greater reality.

Be Calmly Proactive. Your organization provides you with an opportunity to serve. This platform is an outlet to practise your noble intentions. Your organization will not cultivate plenitude if you remain disengaged. Be wisely proactive and be a part of the solution. This service avenue allows you to practise all of the cardinal values precious to you. Your organization needs more than talk from you. Don’t attend fellowship meetings to pontificate a bit. Look for projects you can take up to nurture the cause. Think through and ask how you can participate by being part of an action plan; do not simply offer to help.

Spread the Word. Noble ideas based on profound concepts easily spread from seeker to seeker. Cultivate a vibrant hum about your organization. All your friends, family and associates might benefit from knowing about your compassionate involvement in your cause. So introduce the organization to your friends who may be interested. Invite others to join the cause and inspire them to support the cause. Show them the good work your organization is doing. Many seekers will be engaged through your noble deeds. A polite request for support of this noble cause is always worth your effort. Let your grassroots efforts blossom and take shape.

Strive for Performance. A structured and a well-planned outreach are essential whenever service is disseminated. An infrastructure that caters to the shared organizational vision and channels the work will rely on capacity staffing. A staff is able to dedicate committed time and shoulder responsibilities that are time-bound. They are compensated to streamline your collective charitable intent. Serve alongside staff and share your enthusiasm. Motivate them to improve their efficiency. The committed staff is carrying enormous responsibility on your behalf. Communicate effectively with them in a timely manner. Trained staff will perform at a higher level when supported by a good volunteer base. Ultimately, it is your organization that will thrive and spread the good work.

Be Positively Optimistic. Negativity is self-defeating and deadening. Eradicate the naysaying and handwringing. Do not allow gossip to waste time and wipe out energy. Any negative thought can
deaden momentum. Jealousy derails volunteering or seeking before they have
even begun. Hold onto your own grace with a positive demeanour. Infect others with your silent smile while participating. The joy of participation does not seek personal rewards. Uphold the honour code of volunteering and accumulate the merits just by participating with a positive spirit. Let your service unfold and take flight.

Communicate Clearly. Even as a hands-on volunteer, most of your donated time and energy will be spent on communication. Clear communication channels are necessary to bring time-bound projects to fruition. Email is often labeled as having become its own worst enemy. Do not be frivolous with email; instead exercise a patient caution. Never tinge your communication with hidden emotion, whatever the medium. Emotional intelligence is better used to recognize the sensitivities involved. Respectful and honourable words depicting the clarity of purpose are the benchmark of effective communication. Objective structure supplemented by point-wise summary grabs attention. Clean and revise the subject line! Of course, articulation using optimal words makes way for a prompt understanding.

Stay Connected. The middle path is of balance. A balanced mind is clear in all situations and understands the connectivity in nature. The microcosm is a miniature macrocosm. This is because all energy is linked. All of matter is tied together. Our willpowers overlap as minds comprehend the intricate connections. Match your intention with the vision of the organization. Become allied and aligned with the great power that is subtly behind this organizational entity. Understand that your link is crucial and beneficial. By apt volunteering on behalf of your favourite organization, you will help to transform the world for the better. Every joint is important to the overall link.

Close the Loop. Be the exemplary volunteer who has the point of view of abundance rather than scarcity. Make your own personal gift to support your organization whenever feasible. And encourage other donors to give in kind. Don’t short-circuit your credibility. Be willing to cultivate goals and then follow through on commitments. If you believe that charitable giving breeds more to share, it will become easier to cultivate donors. Your organization needs wealth to sustain its programmes. The pure charitable intent of donors will generate a longer-lasting momentum. And your ability to close the loop of tangible giving with intangible blessings will help sustain the momentum.

Benefits of Volunteering

  • An opportunity to learn about Sanskrit-based spiritual philosophy, wellness, yoga, meditation, spiritual art and music, and monastic tradition, as taught through the lineages of Himalayan meditation adepts and Vedic monks.
  • Earned time-based credits can be applied, in the future, in lieu of registration fees towards Sanskrit language courses and related classes through a system of compounding knowledge.
  • Beneficial and life-enriching experiences through participation and exposure to genuine spirituality and the mindful service paradigm of seva.
  • Professional development through uplifting interactions with other volunteers and staff.

Expectations for Volunteers

  • Become familiar with the website, webstore, publications, brochures and outreach materials of the organization.
  • When applicable, work an agreed number of hours on a scheduled basis.
  • Attend scheduled seva planning meetings, orientations, training classes, and tours of the premises.
  • Conduct yourself in an appropriate and ethical manner at all times and embrace honour codes.
  • Accurately track and submit your volunteer hours using the online hour tracking system.

Inquire about Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Roles

There are many ways to participate as a volunteer. Some of the volunteer opportunities available include:

  • Fellowship Planning & Hosting
  • Volunteering at events and fellowships
  • Community Outreach
  • Fundraising
  • Office Support
  • Facilities Support

City Centres

Volunteers meet on a regular basis in the following areas:

United States
Santa Barbara, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Sebastopol, CA
Houston, TX
Chicago, IL
Lexington, KY

Malmo, Sweden
Copenhagen, Denmark

Start Volunteering

We welcome all who wish to serve in a fulfilling spiritual environment. To inquire about volunteering and learn more about the steps involved to become a registered volunteer please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.