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Volunteer Grant Programs

Volunteer grant programs, also known as “Dollars for Doers” programs, are charitable giving programs set up by corporations in which the company provides a monetary donation to eligible nonprofits as a way to recognize employees who volunteer. They enable corporations to give back to their communities and support organizations that employees already stand behind.

Although volunteer grants are a relatively new form of corporate giving, they’re already widely offered among Fortune 500 companies and are catching on at smaller firms. In fact, hundreds of companies offer volunteer grant programs with donations generally ranging from $10-$15 per hour volunteered.

How to get started

  • Ask your employer’s HR department if they offer a Volunteer Grants Program, or Dollars for Doers program
  • Volunteer with Self Enquiry Life Fellowship and track your hours with our online tracking tool
  • Follow your employer’s guidelines for submitting grant requests
  • Self Enquiry Life Fellowship receives a check from your employer!

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