Join our Holy Giving Prayer Circle

The Sanskrit name, Sattwapathin, translates to charitable paths converging to build the shelter of divine wealth and symbolizes the participatory model which binds people together in a prayer circle through selfless giving to a noble cause. Holy Giving is an ancient spiritual tradition which has been practiced in diverse cultures throughout the ages. The tradition rests upon the experience that the blessing received through giving embellishes wealth and enriches the giver.

Your donation directly supports the Nonprofit’s heritage projects that safeguard indigenous knowledge from the ancient Sanskrit literature, disseminate wisdom through holistic curriculum, and share dharmic educational publications.

Please complete your secure donation on the form below. There is a place to list family members’ or friends’ names for blessings. These forms are printed and kept on our Meditation Altar for extensive prayers during this holiday season and thereafter. If you have questions please contact us or call 909-543-6003. To learn more about Sattwapathin please read our handout.