Himalayan Legacy

Initiative to Build a Centre in the US

Our vision is to establish a Centre for indigenous holistic learning where Himalayan meditation and Vedic wisdom can be shared and safeguarded for future generations. Participate in building this divine retreat property for fellowship, contemplation, self-empowerment and spiritual realization.

Our property budget is 2-2.5 million. Our initial target is to raise 1 million dollars toward the down-payment. Your contributions are deeply appreciated.

Donate by Check, Wire Transfer or Securities Transfer

Contact [email protected] or call/text 909-543-6003 to give or pledge by check, eCheck, cash or other methods.

Checks can be made payable to:
Self Enquiry Life Fellowship
PO Box 30627
Santa Barbara, CA 93130

To learn more about donating stocks or securities, please see this page: Donate Stocks

Holistic Curriculum at the Centre

At the future property, spiritual, cultural and artistic programs will provide an environment for learning and deep contemplation. Seekers from all faiths and backgrounds will be able to experience facets of the Hansavedas Holistic Curriculum.

Accelerated Learning
Voice Training, Classical Music, Primordial Sound Room, Sun Gazing, Art Gallery, Youth Camps, Jyotisha Classes

Spiritual Philosophy
Discourses & Fellowships, Livestreams, Reading Library, Workshops by Scholars

Ayurvedic Wellness
Vedic Farming, Herb Garden, Ayurveda Workshops, Fermentation Workshops

Himalayan Yoga
Yoga-Vinyasa Studio, Pranayama Workshops

Mountain Path
Mindfulness Practices, Nature Treks

Compassionate Mindfulness
Vedic Fire Ceremonies, Healing Prayer Circles, Hosting Vedic Priests

Initiated Meditation
Meditation Coves, Meditation Hall, Personal Retreats

Property Features

We are seeking a property with an ambiance of deep silence and a peaceful abundance of nature in Northern California. The long-term vision includes housing for 15  full-time residents and roughly 50 overnight guests. Additionally, we would like to plan for hosting approximately 150 guests for single-day programs and special events. A broad overview of the features we are looking for includes:

  • 10 or more acres
  • Private, peaceful nature surroundings
  • Zoning and/or a Conditional Use Permit to meet our event and retreat hosting needs
  • Main living structure that can house 5-7 people
  • Either pre-existing guest housing or the ability to build and expand for guest housing
  • Ample usable land for building additional structures
  • Natural water flow/water source (deep well, stream, pond, waterfall, etc.)
  • Within 2 hours of an international airport
  • High speed internet
  • Appropriate spot for open eye meditation- visible sunrise to sunset, moonrise to moonset
  • Walking and hiking trails
  • Less than 1 inch per year of snowfall
  • Not situated on an earthquake fault line

Search Progress

The search for a property began several years ago and has evolved as we refined our research strategy and criteria. Over the last few years we have viewed properties in several parts of California – North, South, Coastal, Foothills, etc. This research has given us the time to pinpoint a region in Northern California east of Sacramento. From 2019 onward the focal point of our search has been the following locations:

  • El Dorado County
  • Placer County
  • Nevada County
  • Yuba County

We are particularly interested in the cities of Auburn and Grass Valley and have been actively viewing properties in those areas.

Selection of the Area East of Sacramento

The area east of Sacramento has been selected due to several factors, including:

  • Proximity to Sacramento International Airport (SMF)
  • Proximity to the metropolitan areas of Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Proximity to Lake Tahoe
  • Lower cost of living compared to coastal regions
  • Abundance of rivers, water and trees
  • Abundance of granite and natural stone which is earthing for meditation
  • Earthquake-safe zone
  • Projection of increasing property value