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Himalayan Legacy

Initiative to Build a Centre in the USA

Our vision is to establish a Centre for indigenous holistic learning where Himalayan meditation and Vedic wisdom can be shared and safeguarded for future generations. Participate in building this divine retreat property for fellowship, contemplation, self-empowerment and spiritual realization.

Holistic Curriculum at the Centre

At the property, spiritual, cultural and artistic programs will provide an environment for learning and deep contemplation. Seekers from all faiths and backgrounds will be able to experience facets of the Hansavedas Holistic Curriculum.

Accelerated Learning

Voice Training, Classical Music, Primordial Sound Room, Sun Gazing, Art Gallery, Youth Camps, Jyotisha Classes

Spiritual Philosophy

Discourses & Fellowships, Livestreams, Reading Library, Workshops by Scholars

Ayurvedic Wellness

Vedic Farming, Herb Garden, Ayurveda Workshops, Fermentation Workshops

Himalayan Yoga

Yoga-Vinyasa Studio, Pranayama Workshops

Mountain Path

Mindfulness Practices, Nature Treks

Compassionate Mindfulness

Vedic Fire Ceremonies, Healing Prayer Circles, Hosting Vedic Priests

Initiated Meditation

Meditation Coves, Meditation Hall, Personal Retreats

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