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Programs & Projects

We strive to harness the indigenous knowledge related to our mission and to facilitate heritage revival in India at the source of the Sanskrit tradition. Practical wisdom is preserved in the West through dissemination of this living tradition for the benefit of modern society.

Our primary outreach relates to Fellowship services. We make resources available to seekers and devotees through in-person public events and as a substantive library of online learning content.

Vedic Fire Ceremony

We conduct authentic full scale Vedic fire ceremonies (Homa) through our expert Vedic priests wherein fire is invoked by traditional churning of ficus religiosa wood. Detailed affirmations are written out in Sanskrit to direct the benefits to a community or for the environment.

Vedic Music

We preserve and share highest quality Vedic classical music through albums recorded by renowned maestros and masterful chanters. These releases provide an opportunity to gain access to meditative musical treasures of the Vedic times.

Sanskrit Chanting

We preserve esoteric chanting branches by reviving the lineages while also supporting students in India. We hire Sanskrit teachers who are expert chanters in a particular branch or lineage while providing lodging and training for students.

Sacred Painting

The preservation and remastering of antique paintings of altars and deities is guided by our team of adept monks who are also Sanskrit scholars. The paintings depict deep spiritual ethos and philosophical teachings of eternal dharma.

Sacred Photography

The enchanting mystique of vintage photography is brought to life through the remastering work of our Fellowship Archives. The collection has a focus on original prints and digital images of rare meditative photos of architecture and culture from India.

Books on Wisdom

The books and booklets share authentic Sanskrit wisdom and extant literature on topics of interest to spiritual aspirants. Practical resources such as on Ayurvedic wellness are also published to guide the meditators.

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