Summary of Programs

Our holistic curriculum of transmission is designed to inspire those interested in enlightened living. The Programs are designed to harness the indigenous knowledge directly related to our mission. Thus the programs facilitate heritage revival at the source of Indic Sanskrit tradition, and thereafter preserve that practical wisdom in the West by disseminating the salient features of a living tradition for the benefit of modern society. Summaries of our primary programs can be found below. In addition to these programs and other special projects, the Nonprofit’s main outreach relates to Fellowship Services. You can learn more about our fellowships here.

A pyramid structure and its thematic representation is the foundational concept of this Nonprofit organization. The four corner points of the base are first affected followed by nurturing the higher goal of the apex. Each of these programs is dependent on our Indic resources. Our sister institutions assist and collaborate in disseminating the curricular transmission embedded within these programs. The safeguarding and dissemination of cultural transmission are thus carried out by the programs that are on this pyramid.

Serving to Share


“It is the ideal behind the contemplative thought that is the source of inspiration. While teamwork is often considered a core value of an organization, it is the meaningful service provided by the team that allows the organized effort to further add value. It is the quality that we count on. Rare is the ideal of a spiritual organization that work is worship. While serving and after offering, gratitude is our expression. Collectively we inspire and set aside time to practice the guiding spiritual values on an ongoing basis, and serve by being an example.”

– His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda
Spiritual Founder & President Monk

Summary of Resources

Our curriculum for spiritual aspirants and meditators provides resources optimized for home study and personal training in self-empowerment. These digital resources are developed in a way that makes them somewhat independent of the programs (see above) and are available far and wide suitable for an aspirant in the West who is capable of navigating the digital platforms. While the programs are more dependent upon the indigenous source and its heritage revival, the Nonprofit resources make available an incredible array of digital content, which can then be experienced by the in-person direct curricular training. You can learn more about our academy here.

A pyramid structure and its thematic representation is the foundational concept of this Nonprofit organization. The four points of the base are first nourished, which together nurture the higher goal of the apex. These developing resources are being shared as: Main Website resources, Subscription based Hansavedas Academy and the online Ecourse of Hansavedas Sambhala Curriculum converge toward the apex of the pyramid – the Meditation Centre properties, where the in-person experience of self-empowering spiritual practices manifest under direct guidance.