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We invite you to walk this path with us


Self Enquiry Life Fellowship is a nonprofit organization with worldwide outreach guided by the monastic wisdom of the Hansavedas Mission. The Nonprofit, with its headquarters in California, preserves indigenous knowledge from the Sanskrit heritage, including: extant literature on spiritual philosophy that is meaningful to modern inquiry; spiritual practices of Vedic antiquity that bring about peace in our communities through mindful participation; Himalayan yoga-vinyāsa and Ayurveda that promote wellness and mindfulness in daily living; and Himalayan meditation techniques of unbroken lineages which bring about mental clarity and compassion through self-empowerment, ultimately guiding the meditator to liberation.

Our holistic curriculum of transmission is designed to inspire those interested in enlightened living. The focus is on legacy building, while harnessing the ancient wisdom tradition. This is aimed at heritage revival at the source as well as preservation of that precious heritage in the West by disseminating the salient features of a living tradition for the benefit of modern society.

The curriculum interprets esoteric Sanskrit scriptures, revives intonated Sanskrit chanting methods, safeguards historic archival imagery and rare meditative arts, and undertakes educational publications on spiritual philosophy. Our nonprofit forum also facilitates a cultural transmission of the Sanskrit heritage by presenting Vedic fine arts and classical music related to the theme of meditation.

The educational publications reflect the holistic curriculum that is based on an accelerated learning system derived from the Vedic shruti method and the Himalayan meditation techniques taught by the adepts. The organization is enriched with extraordinary guidance from several Vedic monks of ancient monastic orders. It is rare for reclusive Himalayan monks, who have penanced in Himalaya, to become available to seekers or devotees and serve by disseminating precious streams of knowledge. His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda, who is one such ordained Vedic monk of the Giri monastic order, is the spiritual head of the Hansavedas Mission and the spiritual founder of the Nonprofit.


The vision embraces our contemplative (upāsanā) tradition that precipitates the Sanskrit scriptural wisdom through a sequence of transmission to exalted monks and adepts, monastic trainees, ardent meditators, mindful servers, seekers and devotees, all the way to spiritual novices and pupils. Our interactive and complementary teaching material supplements the direct in person fellowship experience with digital online learning. To facilitate the direct experience of divinity, we envision the establishment of properties that host Vedic temples of meditation and act as receptacles of sustainable living where services, retreats, Vedic fire ceremonies and other curricular services can be conducted.

The vision for mother centres as per the Vedic vāstu principles includes monastic cloisters and silent enclaves, meditation retreat coves, a resource library on Sanskrit scriptures, an Ayurvedic herb garden, and an archive vault and gallery to house and display the collection of ancient Sanskrit manuscripts, worship altar iconography, monastic artefacts, antique photographs, Vedic fine arts and other heritage relics. These holy receptacles of peaceful abundance are meant to establish a legacy in the West by furthering the Hansavedas mission, one of the most esoteric living spiritual traditions founded upon Himalayan meditation as its core.

Nonprofit Leadership

Inspired by Sages

Our Cause is inspired by the sages who are seers and revealers of the gems of the ancient Sanskrit heritage

Trained by Adepts

Our Curriculum of Higher Yoga is structured by the Himalayan Siddhas who are meditation adepts and trainers of meditation

Guided by Monks

Our Fellowship is supervised by monks who are meditation masters and erudite scholars of the Sanskrit tradition

Managed by Volunteers

Our Service is run by high minded volunteers and Board of Directors who do not take any remuneration

Operated by Staff

Our Platform is staffed by trained professionals who are themselves meditators

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