Kumaresh Rajagopalan

Kumaresh Rajagopalan is widely regarded in Indian classical music for his collaborative music project with his elder brother, Ganesh Rajagopalan. The duo has captivated worldwide audiences for over four decades with their remarkable technique and soul stirring creativity, steeped in classicism. Trained by their father, Shri T. S. Rajagopalan, a veteran violinist, Ganesh and Kumaresh gave their first stage performance when Kumaresh was just 5 years old. By the time he was 10, Kumaresh completed his hundredth stage appearance alongside his elder brother. Kumaresh is married to the world renowned vīnā (lute) maestro Jayanthi Kumaresh and together they have presented their artistry on two of India’s most ancient string instruments, creating a new level of music conception.

The brothers’ music project is known by the name, Ganesh Kumaresh, and their deep-rooted strength in playing traditional Carnatic has made them the favorites with purists as well as the uninitiated. Their strict adherence to classicism and their virtuosity with an innovative approach in their presentation has earned the appreciation of thousands of music lovers across the globe. The brothers have given new dimensions to the realm of music and have brought out a refreshingly original content and style for this form of art. Having performed in several top notch global festivals, their creative idiom is international in nature and their communication through music crosses all boundaries. Their musical caliber is recognized worldwide. They have been responsible in making violin, which was all along considered a mere accompanying instrument, occupy the centre stage of a concert platform.

Violin - Dhanurvīnā

Violin is known by the name Dhanurvīnā in Sanskrit, and has preserved its niche role as a solo instrument since the Vedic times, as is evident in this music creation of meditative mystique. Kumaresh is currently researching and compiling evidence that links the origins of the modern day violin to the Dhanurvīnā of India.

Collaboration with Hansavedas

This meditative violin composition was inspired by the SāmaVeda mantra repertoire and is part of a preservation project undertaken by the nonprofit organization, Self Enquiry Life Fellowship to record and archive authentic Vedic music and chants. VīņāVyoman was completed after a year-long study of cosmic soundscapes of deep space alongside discussions on related chanting intonations with His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda, the founding monk of Self Enquiry Life Fellowship.

Album Release