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Consistent (1st-Kriya)

The practice outlined below is intended for those who are able to regularly practise free from anxiety or time pressure, feeling a mindful balance.

Sahaja-karma (no linking of prāṇa between each chakra-disc (cd) along the spinal tube)

  1. 20 second transit along the tube once
  2. 20 second per cd along the tube once

Prāṇa-karma (all traces along the spinal tube link the prāṇa between each cd)

  1. MM 2-3 (only 1 or 2 by women who have an active monthly moon cycle)
  2. TK 100
  3. KP3 3-6 sets minimum
  4. MP 1 set minimum
  5. NK ½ set minimum
  6. SK thrice
  7. Absorb in parāvasthā
  8. JK thrice (must stay confined to the spinal tube with steady concentration)
  9. YM ¼ set (3 times)
  10. SM 15 minutes
  11. Merge in the after-effect poise in light with eyes closed (this is like a second parāvasthā)
  12. MM balance of 3-12 (restriction for women who have an active monthly moon cycle)

This summary is not intended to replace learning kriyayoga meditation techniques directly from His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda. Attempting to practice without direct guidance from an authentic lineage-based meditation master or an ordained well-practised teacher is thoroughly discouraged. This summary is intended for knowledge and understanding of the tradition for those who wish to learn more about the meditation practice before taking formal initiation.

Sanskrit Technique Key

The following abbreviations are used in the practice outlines (beginner, intermediate, consistent, advanced).

  • TK Talavya-kriyā
  • MP Mānasika-prāṇayāmā
  • KP Kriyā-prāṇayāmā
  • SK Suxma-swāsa-kriyā
  • NK Nābhi-kriyā
  • YM Yoni-mudrā
  • MM Mahā-mudrā
  • SM Śāmbhavī-mudrā
  • JK Jālandhara-kriyā

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