Holiday Blessings 2018

Ganga Aarti at Varanasi

Adorable Seeker,

It has been another year and the holiday season is again upon us. Many of us reflect upon these times as a closure, while others consider the oncoming calendar year as an avenue for new affirmations. Some of us are simply content, while some of us feel happy because we made so many others happier. Fortunate are those who are able to smile at life through these times and reminisce on their inner growth and emotional maturity.

Such transitional times allow us to focus on our noble wishes, thereby manifesting the results of opportunities we create. Many try to bring about all-around prosperity by aligning their lifestyle with values while synchronizing daily discipline with workflow. In doing so, they realize that sincerity is the forerunner of perfecting results. Fortunate are those blessed with the virtue of perseverance who do not feel bored when they struggle to progress.

Then there is the horizon that we all need to paint or at least behold clearly, even if we do not make plans and instead take one day at a time. If we look at all other mammals they use all four limbs to a greater degree during locomotion. Even a silverback gorilla stands for a while, but uses the arms to walk and run. Aquatic animals either float or move horizontally. Amphibians crawl and jump; they are mostly horizontal, close to the ground. Whereas humans bear the opportunity to stand upright!

We stand up to face our mistakes. We stand upright to uphold our values. We stand firm to protect our virtues. We stand tall to show our valour. Most of all, we stand with hands folded to affirm faith. We are able to see the upper atmosphere when we are standing erect, honing in on our vision to gauge the distance.

As a human being we are meant to articulate a vision, gaze at the distance, look at the horizon which helps define our goal. This is what painting the horizon implies. Both in concentration and silence, a vision must encompass the goal. We climb to great heights by defining the goal. We take careful steps toward that vision of life.

Our foresight, insight, and hindsight are all measured against that vision. Remember to define your vision, lest the gaze be absent minded. Let us sparkle with love. Stand upright with courage to smile at life and then see how life smiles back at you.

Please join me during these holidays for our 1st January 2019 livestream to welcome the new calendar year.

With the blessings of God and Guru,
Swami Vidyadhishananda