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Hansadhaman Capital Initiative

Enriching Our New Property with Facility Expansions,
Fueled by Your Generous Donations

Self Enquiry Life Fellowship has offered holistic educational and spiritual programs to thousands of aspirants worldwide for nearly two decades while steadily climbing to become a top-rated Nonprofit.

Thanks to the generous contributions of lifetime supporters like you, and due to the blessings of our Rishi and Siddha lineages, we completed the purchase of a new property on 25 August 2023. We invested your property donations and holy giving gifts to secure this tranquil property that has great promise for bringing to fruition our indigenous curriculum of Vedic Sanskrit heritage.

As we look to the future of Hansavedas sangha and the potential of this estate, one thing remains clear – this space is much more than just a Centre for Himalayan meditation and mindfulness. It is a haven where precious culture and unbroken heritage can be cherished and shared through educational initiatives and publication work. We need your support to transform this vision into reality. The Hansadhāman Capital Initiative heralds in the next step in this inspiring journey.

Programs and services for you and your family

  • In-person classes on meditation, higher yoga, and Ayurvedic wellness
  • Library of value-based dharma teachings and Sanskrit-based educational publications
  • Accelerated learning classes and camps for children and youth
  • Authentic Vedic Fire Ceremonies
  • Serene personal and family retreats
  • Sacerdotal blessings for memorial occasions
  • Work-study curriculum

Property features and existing infrastructure

  • Located in pristine Penn Valley, California
  • 60 acres of oak-studded land on 2 parcels
  • One hour from Sacramento International Airport (SMF)
  • Library, meditation room, fellowship hall, livestream facility, staff offices
  • Fenced garden with 20 raised beds plus table grape arbour
  • Three wells, a creek, and a spring
  • Large woodwork workshop with tractor storage

Message by HH Swami Vidyadhishananda on Full Moon, 28th September 2023

Appeal by Dr. Sonny Nijjar and Dr. Shaili Parmar

Development Plans and Outline of Costs

Phase 1

Total Cost: $700,000

Need: Immediate

Modify and remodel existing facilities. Construct a 1200 sq. ft. dwelling and writing office for HH Swami Vidyadhishananda with facilities for hosting visiting monks, priests, scholars, and guests. Widen and expand the access road and driveway. Purchase altars, household supplies, utility vehicle, and furnishings.

Construction of 1200 sq. ft. dwelling, includes earthwork leveling, engineering and construction $475,000
Architectural and County Permit fees $25,000
Access road expansion and widening $65,000
Conversion of garage to 1000 sq. ft. office $90,000
Remodeling in main house $15,000
Altar and shrine additions $15,000
Furnishings, household items, utility vehicle, office equipment & workshop materials $15,000

Phase 2

Total Cost: $1,400,000

Need: Before June 2026

Construct a 4000 sq. ft. lodge with meeting spaces, guest accommodations, and refractory. Includes earthwork leveling, engineering, and a new septic system. Implement a permaculture garden with rainwater storage system.

Phase 3

Total Cost: To be determined

Need: Plans to be submitted to the County for Use Permit in 2027

Construct an authentic Vedic Temple and Cultural Event Centre with meditation hall, yoga studio, children’s classroom, resource room for youth, guest accommodations, and large parking lot on the separate parcel of 20 acres with direct access to the public road.

Estimates will only be available after full planning for the County Use Permit application.

Total Goal for Phase 1 and 2: $2,100,000

“Behold the vision and then trust the process.
There is no rainbow without rain.
Likewise, there is no anchoring without diligence.
Learning from the process depends upon the labour of love.”

HH Swami Vidyadhishananda

Pillars of Support

Founder Donors
$150,000 and above
Builder Donors
$75,000 – $149,999
Benefactor Donors
$25,000 – $74,999
Sponsor Donors
$5,000 – $24,999

Founder, Builder, Benefactor, and Sponsor Donors of this capital initiative will be recognized on our Legacy Supporters Wall in the main ashram building. Founder Level Donors will also have a dedicated plaque with their name installed in our garden.

Patron Supporters who have donated cumulatively from 2006 onward at the Founder, Builder or Benefactor levels will also be recognized in the main ashram building.

Download our Donor Packet & Pledge Form

Hansadhaman Capital Initiative Donor Packet with Pledge Form – Click Here

Donate via Zelle or Paypal

Transfer or send payment to [email protected]

Donate or pledge offline via check or wire transfer

Give by Phone or Text

Call or text Radhika Pathy at +1-630-674-6718 to pledge or donate. We can set-up a one-time or recurring donations.

Mail a Check

Mail a check made payable to:
Self Enquiry Life Fellowship
PO Box 30627, Santa Barbara, CA 93130

Prefer a pledge form?

Download and print our Capital Initiative Pledge Form. Scan and email the completed form to us or mail the physical copy to the address listed above.

Donate Stocks or Securities

When you transfer ownership of long-term holdings to Self Enquiry Life Fellowship, you receive a charitable deduction for their full market value—and you incur no capital gains tax (subject to IRS deduction limits). Compared with donating cash, or selling your appreciated securities and contributing the after-tax proceeds, you may be able to automatically increase your gift and your tax deduction.

How to transfer stock or mutual fund securities to Self Enquiry Life Fellowship:

1. Decide which stocks or mutual funds you wish to transfer
2. Contact your brokerage account agent or bank (wherever your securities are held)
3. Give your agent or bank our account information (see below)
4. Your agent or bank will transfer the securities to our Nonprofit

Please let us know in advance if you plan to transfer stock so we can be sure to properly account for your donation. You can do so by e-mailing [email protected] or calling 909-543-6003.

Account Information

Account Name: Self Enquiry Life Fellowship
Account Number: Z47967106
DTC Number: 0226

Give from a Donor Advised Fund

Use the button below to directly give from your Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable or BNY Mellon account. Simply follow the steps to login to your account and the funds will be seamlessly transferred to Self Enquiry Life Fellowship.

Give from a DAF

Capital Initiative - Phase 1

Charitable giving is the foundation of all noble deeds

MahāNārāyana Upanisad 79.6

Indigenous Curriculum

Learn about the holistic curriculum Hansavedas preserves alongside its sister institutions in India.

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