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Sri Laxmi

Resplendence of Srilaxmi

Be in the saintly presence of a realized Himalayan monk and siddha meditation master, His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda, during the auspicious nine-night period of navarātri and practice devotional chanting under his direct guidance. This special workshop is an opportunity for worship of the great Śrī śakti and veneration of the Divine Mother Kamalātmikā Mahālaxmī.

Participants will learn Srisuktam chanting under His Holiness’s guidance over the nine night period of Navarātri and ending on the tenth day. Experience, memorize and practice Srisuktam from Rigveda as per the Himalayan śruti system of chanting that emphasizes pronouncing sound constructs by intently listening to the sound partitions, orating them synchronized with breathing, and correct application of timing. Intent listening and ability to repeat sounds will aid in memorizing the Srisuktam.

A special way of empowering the Srisuktam using a samputi chanting method will be taught as per His Holiness’s lineage tradition. With your registration you will receive a study book specially procured from India and printed handouts as reference material worth over $40.

The workshop will take place each evening from Sunday, 29th September through Tuesday, 8th October from 6:30pm to 9:00pm. A light supper prasāda will be served each evening after the chanting class.

Homework before Attending this Workshop
Please review and practice the foundational 64 sounds of Sanskrit from the web resource on Vedic Chanting using the content of the first four tabs on the right side of this webpage. Choose from the list of tabs to review other chants and mantras to understand the oration and cadence. This tab list is part of a developing coursework on Vedic Sanskrit Chanting. In addition, please scroll down the page to access resources listed at the bottom and specifically review the Srisuktam chanting to develop an understanding of the cadence (chanda) and enunciation.

Prior knowledge of or the ability to pronounce the Sanskrit sound partitions (see link above) and regular practice of Vedic Sanskrit chanting is required for attendance at this Workshop. Please listen to the recording of srisuktam on this Vedic Chanting page (scroll to bottom) and evaluate if you will be able to chant at this level by the end of the Workshop. If you are unsure of your preparedness for this Workshop please call our Houston Seva-Volunteers for guidance (281-410-8102).

His Holiness
His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda is a yogi-monk who is a trained Himalayan chanter of Vedic Sanskrit mantra in the branches of four principal Veda. He hails from lineages of siddha meditation adepts that are from a combined heritage of rishi sages and nath yogis.

Registration & Donation
Your registration is not a donation to the Nonprofit, as it only covers the expense such as reading materials, shipped books, catered meal, rentals, recordings, etc. If you wish to make a charitable, tax-deductible donation to support this program and the Nonprofit’s curriculum, there will be an opportunity to do so during registration or in-person at the fellowship.


September 29 @ 6:30 pm


October 8 @ 9:00 pm


Private Residence
Sugar Land,TXUnited States


Hansavedas Houston

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