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Swami Atmananda Memorial

Memorial Service Honouring His Holiness Swami Atmananda

Gather online with our worldwide spiritual community for a livestream memorial fellowship in honour of His Holiness Swami Atmananda, who closed his earthly body on 4th August 2020.

Listen to a solemn and prayerful presentation about HH Swami Atmananda Giri and his pivotal role in shaping Hansavedas Mission in the West. HH Swami Vidyadhishananda will lead prayer, mantra chanting and a silent contemplation as we remember this great soul and realized spiritual master.

In addition, feel the impact of sublime Sanskrit chanting and darshan blessings. The livestream fellowship will conclude with vespers (ārati). We will be streaming live from Santa Barbara, California.

Remembering HH Swami Atmananda

Swami Atmananda took his monastic vows from Swami Maheshananda Giri in 1968 and joined the Giri order of Vedic monks. He moved into the seat of Sanskrit learning, Varanasi thereafter for his reclusive contemplation. He lived a uniquely monastic lifestyle in that he only took alms once a day and spent rest of his mornings and evening dedicated to the practice of higher yoga and deep study of advanced Sanskrit literature. Over time the families who invited him for once a day alms (lunch) swelled up to a thousand, thereby making each family wait longer for his darshan and fellowship.

He was seen to exhibit extraordinary floating and swimming abilities while taking his daily ablutions in river Ganga. As he primarily walked everywhere and comforted all passersby with his compassion, he became well known as Prabhuji (alike the Lord) of Varanasi. Even the irate bulls of Varanasi understood Prabhuji and yielded way to him whenever their paths crossed.

As part of the Hansavedas Monastic Council, HH Swami Atmanananda maintained the Hari Bhawan Sanskrit Rare Books Library in Varanasi, India. He was involved in the council over a period of two decades advising about the translation and research work on Sanskrit literature as well as assisting with the structure of holistic curriculum.

Many devotees had the opportunity to travel to Varanasi, India to sit at the feet of HH Swami Atmananda and often remarked that Prabhuji was an institution in himself. All devotees were impressed by the oratory skills of Prabhuji and how quickly he could spiritually resolve dilemmas. We are sure that his inspiring presence and gifts of wisdom will carry on as we continue to build upon his legacy and incredible contribution to the noble cause of our Nonprofit sangha.

Accessing the Livestream

After registering you will receive a confirmation email with the link and password necessary to view. Registration is free with options to donate. Please be mindful about not making any typos in your email address when registering – this will ensure that you receive the confirmation email with the login details.

We welcome you to forward this registration link to your friends and family who would be interested in registering for the livestream. New participants are welcome to register via the link above to receive the log-in details. If you have difficulties on the day of the live stream please refer to the troubleshooting notes that will be sent by email as part of your registration confirmation.

We encourage you to connect your laptop or computer to a TV and/or home stereo system for a better fellowship experience. If you have questions about how to connect your laptop to a TV please see here for a how-to article.


August 16


11:00 am - 12:30 pm


Online Fellowship


Self Enquiry Life Fellowship
(909) 543-6003

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