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Worldwide Livestream Fellowship

Join our worldwide livestream for a fellowship with our Himalayan monk and living saint, His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda. Experience an insightful discourse relevant to the current times interwoven with projections and insights into the future.

His Holiness will retrospect into the events of the past century and transition junctures while providing an insightful analysis of time periods that are relevant to the ongoing global transformation propelling us to the next two decades.

Embrace this unique learning of time cycles, time junctures and mini-eras that bring about global transformation and how to prepare for such times with spiritual fortitude and moral strength.

In this reflective analysis, His Holiness will discuss the role of Jupiter and Saturn and their relationship with the time cycles of Rahu and Ketu (the energy nodes or shadow planets). He will mention how the time periods of 18, 19 and 20 years play out in our lives along with a larger time span of 275 to 300 years constituting a mini era.

His Holiness will also speak on how Jupiter represents expansion and inhalation while Saturn represents contraction and exhalation, and what that means on a global scale and also how this impacts our bottom two chakras. In this context he will reveal how the positional coordinates of the constellations map out in our own bodies.

His will resort the Sanskrit indigenous knowledge base and Jyotisha-vidya during this discourse which is being offered due to multiple requests by devotees and seekers. His Holiness will also share tantric meditation mantras of Jupiter and Saturn to explain his insights on how these slow moving planets impact the sustainability of our dharma and karma (mindful actions).

In addition, feel the impact of sublime Sanskrit chanting and darshan blessings. The livestream fellowship will conclude with vespers (ārati). We will be streaming live from Santa Barbara, California, and for the first time in several months we are able to offer this as a video stream. We are looking forward to once again inviting the community to experience live darshan of His Holiness in front of our Meditation Altar.

After registering you will receive a confirmation email with the link and password necessary to view. Registration is free with options to donate. Please be mindful about not making any typos in your email address when registering – this will ensure that you receive the confirmation email with the login details. After the fellowship streams live, we will make a recording of the livestream available on our multimedia website subscriber-content – we appreciate your patience with the upload of the recording.

We welcome you to forward this registration link to your friends and family who would be interested in registering for the livestream. New participants are welcome to register via the link above to receive the log-in details. If you have difficulties on the day of the live stream please refer to the troubleshooting notes that will be sent by email as part of your registration confirmation.

We encourage you to connect your laptop or computer to a TV and/or home stereo system for a better fellowship experience. If you have questions about how to connect your laptop to a TV please see here for a how-to article.


June 14


11:00 am - 1:30 pm


Online Fellowship


Self Enquiry Life Fellowship
(909) 543-6003

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