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Hansarūpin Foundation Day Commemoration

Join our worldwide sangha for a four-day virtual celebration centred on the auspicious day of axaya-tritiyā to honour and celebrate Self Enquiry Life Fellowship’s Foundation Day. This annual commemoration is an auspicious time for us to reflect on the Nonprofit’s impact and vision for the future, and to honour and share our appreciation for each of you – seekers, servers, and devotees.

The commemoration will conclude with a live congregation via Zoom video where His Holiness will be visible and will offer vespers, intonate chanting and deliver a message relevant to this auspicious occasion and the current times.

This is a new format which will blend a traditional livestream format with a Zoom fellowship so that participants will be able to see video of His Holiness and our Meditation Altar while joining alongside other seekers in our community with your own video on. This format allows His Holiness to see all participants and offer His blessings to you and your families on this occasion.

In addition to the Zoom video congregation, participants will have access to our Hansarūpin Online Commemoration Page, an interactive webpage where we share a newly released video of an exquisite singing performance as well as ways to thoughtfully engage in the online commemorative celebration.

Honouring the power of our collective goodwill, each registrant will have the opportunity to learn Sanskrit mantra to recite over the 4-day celebration. On Sunday, participants can anonymously enter the number of recitations they have completed, which will be included in an online counter, so we can share in the divine momentum as a community.

The Hansarūpin Online Commemoration Page with the Sanskrit mantra will be live starting at 2pm US PDT on Thursday, 13th May. The login details to view the commemoration page will be shared with you by email.

Axaya-tritiya Foundation Day

Axaya-tritiyā, which translates as the ‘imperishable third’, falls on the third day of the ascending moon during the soli-lunar month of Vaisakha. The day is celebrated as the birthdays of supreme personality Lord Parashurāma and Sukrāchārya (Lord Venus). This day is even more significant to those who are interested in Jyotisha (science of light) as the day when great sage Bhrigu rishi completed his compendium on Jyotisha known as Bhrigu-samhitā. Every noble act on this day is said to be at least tripled in results and traditionally this day has been revered as one with immortal virtuosity.

A closer look at the divine legacy of axaya-tritiyā reveals to us that all three events ascribed to this day are related to sage Bhrigu. While Venus (the ruling Lord of planet Venus) is hailed to be the son of sage Bhrigu, Lord Parashurāma also descended in the familial lineage of sage Bhrigu. In the spiritual philosophy classic of Bhagavad-Gitā, Lord Krishna declares that among the sages he is Bhrigu, as it were, thus conferring the highest seer status on sage Bhrigu.

Hansavedas curriculum (gurukulum) as per the monastic mission (Maṭha) was founded on this auspicious day of the year to render the wisdom teachings immortalized. This was effected as per the guidance by Lord Parashurāma who is the erstwhile satguru of the spiritual founder of Self Enquiry Life Fellowship, HH Swami Vidyadhishananda. Further, HH Swami Vidyadhishananda was born in the tutelage of sage Bhrigu rishi and thus hails from Bhrigu-gotra (lineage connected to a rishi sage). His Holiness has already received specific directions when he was revealed by the discourse of sage Bhrigu rishi to His son Lord Venus details of the Hansavedas mission.

Details on our Zoom Fellowship Set-up

We will be streaming live video via Zoom from Santa Barbara, California on Sunday, 16th May at 10:45am US PDT. Please plan for the individual family blessings to continue until 2pm US PDT.

Registrants will gain access to the Zoom fellowship through their Eventbrite account page. This is a relatively new setup. There will be limited support for technical issues if you wait until the last minute.

Registrants should plan to log in to Zoom at 10:45am US PDT to listen to sublime music while we support those who encounter issues logging in.

His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda will be invited after we have welcomed all the attendees and made our opening announcements.

All participants are required to join with their video turned on in order to receive blessings from His Holiness, unless there is a technical difficulty that has been communicated to staff in advance. Remember to test your Zoom camera settings before joining. We strongly urge your video presence as per our format, as His Holiness will be calling the name of the family upon seeing each participant on video. Participants are requested to use their full first and last name spelled out when they register for this special online blessing line.

Registration requires a nominal fee, with options to donate. We deeply appreciate your love donations. We welcome you to forward this registration link to your friends and family who would be interested in registering, listening and receiving blessings on live video.

If you have difficulties on the day of the Zoom stream please refer to the troubleshooting notes that will be sent by email as part of your registration confirmation.

How to Access the Zoom Fellowship

1. On this event page, click the green Tickets button
2. Select ticket type and click Checkout
3. Fill out the form and click Register
4. The ticket confirmation page will say that the link to the event will be sent to your email
5. Before the event begins, check your inbox for an email from Evenbrite.
6. Inside the email, click the View the Event button
7. You will be directed to a login page. Login to your Eventbrite account (if you do not have an account you can create one). You can also choose to login using Facebook or Google.
8. Once you are on the event page – click the Join Now button (note that if the fellowship has not yet started this button will be greyed out)
9. Click Allow and the Zoom link will automatically open into the Fellowship

If you have trouble accessing the Fellowship link, try these tips:

1. Ensure you have the Zoom app installed on your device
2. Ensure you are logged in to Eventbrite to access the Fellowship link
3. If you do not have an Eventbrite account and do not wish to create one, you can log in to Evenbrite using Facebook or Google when prompted. Ensure that your email address for those accounts matches the email address you used to register.


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