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Foundations of Himalayan Ujjayi Pranayama

Breathe the living breath of lifeforce! Experience an up close and beginner level hands on workshop on Himalayan siddha breathing techniques. Learn correct ujjāyī prāṇāyāma by feeling the pelvic floor and learn ujjāyī kumbhaka breathhold suspension. Practice this correct ujjāyī breathing utilizing the myofascial psoas, a deep-seated band of muscle that connects the diaphragm, spine and pelvis (as shown in the photo illustration above).

You will be taught this prāṇāyāma by activating the psoas in a way that allows for a three-dimensional cylindrical breathing. The breath is controlled by breathing from the core, and prolonged using the ujjāyī method of inhalation. This thoraco-pelvic breathing allows one to feel the breath down to the pelvic floor. The diaphragm is properly utilized thereby releasing tension from the sternum.

A practitioner of this ujjāyī prāṇāyāma technique takes a stepwise approach: (1) Activating the psoas during breathing, (2) Feeling the breath down to the pelvis, (3) Controlling the thoraco-pelvic breath from the core (five fingers below the belly-button), (4) making the breath deeper and prolonged by using the ujjāyī method, (5) Applying kumbhaka breathhold for a suspension of the breath without struggle, using the same singular effort used for the inhalation. As a warm up preparatory stretch to activate and balance the psoas, simple yoga-vinyāsa selections from the Tāl̥āsanā krama such as stretching, bending, twisting, half-squatting and full squatting will be practiced.

Calmness is experienced during the breaths and during the pauses in between. The gentle guided movement of the spine and the sternum brings about emotional release. Practice of this correct breathwork is highly conducive for meditation, vitality and wellness.

A selection of the topics and techniques that will be covered includes:

– Correct ujjāyī breathing from the core
– Thoraco-pelvic psoas breathing
– 3D cylindrical deep breathing
– Breathing down to the pelvic floor
– Yoga-vinyāsa selections from Tāl̥āsanā sequence to activate psoas
– Breathold ujjāyī-kumbhaka in the same effort used for inhalation
– Breathing synchronized with primordial sound of Oṃ chant

His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda is a yogi-monk who reveals to us rare prāṇāyāma and meditation techniques from the Himalayan siddha tradition. He hails from lineages of meditation adepts that are from a combined heritage of rishi sages and nath yogis. His Holiness will be assisted by Sister Girija during teaching of ujjāyī breathing and Tāl̥āsanā Yoga-vinyāsa-krama (YVK) postures.

Preparation before Attending this Workshop
Prior understanding or practice of ujjāyī breathing, known as the “breath of victory”, will be very helpful. This internal breathing technique will also be taught during the workshop. If you are unfamiliar with ujjāyī, we strongly urge you to familiarize yourself with this breathing technique ahead of the workshop by watching the video series on our multimedia website.

Please watch start by watching this video series on ujjāyī prāṇāyāma. (includes summary, 3-video series and two additional videos on āsana and definition of prāṇāyāma). Read an article by His Holiness on deep core breathing.

Food Guidelines
Eat light on Friday evening. Avoid mucous generating foods on Friday. Try to avoid breakfast on Saturday morning before coming to the Workshop. A light snack of fruit is acceptable. Taking only herbal tea is fine. For those with blood sugar issues, we can provide an energy bar during the break. Practicing prāṇāyāma on an empty stomach is best, as food in the stomach during practice may cause discomfort. If you absolutely need to eat a light breakfast, please do so no later than 7:30am so you have ample time for digestion.

Participants will have the option to purchase lunch from the temple following the conclusion of the workshop. Participants are also welcome to pack a lunch and partake in their meal on the temple grounds after the workshop (only pure vegetarian food is allowed on temple premises).

Medical Considerations
Please note that some of the breathing techniques taught in this workshop are not suitable for those with hypertension (high blood pressure) or persistent migraine headaches. If you have either of these conditions please consult with your personal physician before planning to attend. During the workshop prānāyāma breathholds or duration of breathhold which are not appropriate for those with hypertension will be noted by the Teacher so that you may abstain from practicing them.

Teen Attendance

Children under the age of 18 years may attend if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. We do not recommend this Workshop for children under the age of 15. Please write to us if you have a particular inquiry.

Supplementary Workbook
The supplementary workshop course material, Lifeforce + Lifestyle – Workbook, will be available at the workshop for a 20% discount. This 200-page workbook is a manual that inspires seekers to lead a balanced lifestyle by restoring wellness and enhancing vitality. Wisdom teachings are presented herein to illustrate the flow of life energy – integrating breathwork, drinkables and edibles that end with wholesome recipes – a must-read for anyone interested in Ayurveda, mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

Registration & Donation
Your registration is not a donation to the Nonprofit, as it only covers the expense such as catered meal, rentals, recordings, etc. If you wish to make a charitable, tax-deductible donation to support this program and the Nonprofit’s curriculum, there will be an opportunity to do so during registration or in-person at the fellowship.


September 21, 2019


9:30 am - 1:30 pm


Hindu Temple of the Woodlands
7601 S Forestgate Dr
Spring,TX77382United States


Hansavedas Houston

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