Rekindling the Lamp of Knowing

The new moon that marks Dipāvali is a festive observance celebrated by the lighting of lamps. This festival of lights is a time-honoured tradition dating back to antiquity. The epic events of the Rāmāyana narrate how Lord Rāma – the refulgent being epitomizing the most exalted values – returns to the abode of Ayodhyā, the name indicating a place where all inner and outer...

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Compassion Yoga Vedanta

Kindness in the Light of Compassion

Dharma is said to be complete when kindness and charity are practised as its integral components in addition to other basic principles of right conduct. Kindness and charity (dāna) are hailed as exemplary virtues, both of which are actually rooted in compassion. There is often the tendency to mix up kindness (dayā) with compassion (karunā) from a practical perspective. Sanskrit philosophical usage, however, clearly...

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