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View the full report by clicking the PDF link. 

We share our soulful gratitude for your participation and presence during 2022 – a year when the Nonprofit has been rebuilding the foundation of its mission: in-person fellowships.

For the first time since 2019 we were able to host His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda at fellowships outside of Santa Barbara, including Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and
Carmichael in Northern California. Sadhvi Girija taught in-person workshops on Himalayan breathing in Santa Barbara and Houston. We appreciate that so many of you joined
us for this more intimate return to in-person fellowships.

In September we released a meditation e-course, Learn Mindfulness Meditation on, a global learning platform. This coursework’s high quality along with
its ratings have earned it a place in the Udemy Business Collection, a privilege reserved for the top 3% of courses.

His Holiness and Sadhvi Girija visited Northern California in November to look at potential properties and an offer was made on one property. While the purchase did not go through, this recent experience prepares us for swift action in 2023 as more properties come to market.

Your physical presence means so much as we continue rebuilding our in-person programming. Please save these dates for a return to in-person retreats in 2023:

1. Guru Purnimā Retreat – Camarillo, CA | 1st – 4th July
2. Initiation Meditation Retreats – Nevada City, CA | 10th Sept – 7th Oct

Our Nonprofit remains ever steadfast in its commitment to your spiritual wellbeing. May you keep this organization in your prayers. Thank you for your continuing support.

View the full report by clicking the PDF link. 

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