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View the full report by clicking the PDF link. 

We convey our heartfelt gratitude to you, our donors and well-wishers, and acknowledge your unwavering support. This Annual Gratitude Report has been prepared in a new format for the first time this year with the goal of giving you a visual understanding of our Nonprofit’s impact.

Much like in 2020, our ability to host in-person events this past year was severely limited. We appreciate that so many of you joined us in fellowship online. Our Academy app and Sambhala ecoursework curriculum continued their rapid development despite the untimely loss of our beloved head of the monastic council, His Holiness Swami Sharadananda Giri.

As your participation binds us together and builds momentum in 2022, let us nurture our Nonprofit in the following ways:

1. Remember our noble Nonprofit in your prayers
2. Subscribe to Hansavedas Academy and download the app
3. Follow the articles and event postings on our main website,

Our Nonprofit remains unwaveringly committed to your spiritual upliftment. Thank you again for your continuing support and benevolent participation.

View the full report by clicking the PDF link. 

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