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Venerable Friends and Adorable Seekers,

Time does not move, only we are moving to the end of our allotted time! Many blessings and much love on this Yugadi – today marks the beginning of a yuga in the cycle of four yuga periods as per the soli-lunar calendar of the ancient Sanskrit tradition. May you all utilize this auspicious time juncture to renew and refresh your spiritual affirmations for the coming times.

The current times are indeed erasing the pause for reflection and impacting the very organic continuity of goodwill. For some who are pushed to the limit, the situation is putting faith in God to the test. Spiritual anchoring and fear-free living envisioning a life bereft of the thrusted pressures of general dread have perhaps never been more important in our lives.

If you are feeling the subtle force of accelerated times, you are among the many who are observing the most traumatic phase of humankind’s evolution spanning multiple eras. The end of Kaliyuga is here to bear down upon us the crushing pressure from those who are manipulating to control resources. Unfortunately, this maneuvering has been curtailing basic freedom of those who wish to live naturally with the wellness of earth wisdom.

Many are aware of the diverse agendas – whether mainly commercial or partly political. An alert seeker can feel the decadence of governance aided by a lack of visionary leadership. We are witnessing how good science is getting usurped by mainstream media and bigoted political narrative. Further we have also been experiencing the hidden clash of ideologies which bear the power to make any nation bipolar.

Collective karma has arrived at a point of dissonance. The onslaught of neo-feudalism is taking away the joy of sharing and living in harmony with mother earth. These are the times when the income capacity of the collective economy is at stake. Should we wait for the global reset with the hope of somehow surviving this turmoil? Or are these times calling for a greater devotional surrender unto God? What should we tell our children who cannot play freely while their smiles are muffled by masks that take their breath away?

No, we cannot blame the planets – they compound what is set into motion by the will of the people. We are already born with planetary energies embedded in us and hence we are somewhat propelled to act accordingly. Further, God, the Lord of the universe neither induces people to act nor dispenses the fruits of karma. Consequences naturally flow from our own karma. The ultimate responsibility of decision-making rests upon our mental clarity and the goodwill of our intellect.

Those who are gullible and naïve will suffer the consequences of their ill-advised decision making. And yet those who truly seek the path of spiritual solace with fortitude, riding on patience and making prudent decisions with clear conviction, will come out stronger from these confusing times. Giving into fear-inducing manipulation is the very opposite of self-empowering spirituality.

I share this message on occasion of the second Navaratri period of 2021, which begins on Monday, 12th April in the Western part of the world and on Tuesday, 13th April in the Eastern nations. These nine-night periods are deemed especially auspicious for the worship of the great shakti in veneration of the Divine Mother, as well as for contemplation, meditation, and service. Please read my full article linked below. Anyone looking for spiritual solace and meaningful opportunities to create breakthroughs can embrace the theme of this article:

Healing Mother Earth with Four Navarātri Periods in 2021

I inspire you to implement the message of this article for all-around healing during these challenging and confusing times in the world. May you build your moral strength through personal discipline and compassionate serving.

With the blessings of God and Satguru,
Swami Vidyadhishananda

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