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Adorable families and venerable parents,

I am writing to all those families whose children have been growing up around me during their most formative years rapidly growing into their youthful state. As you know I continue to offer my earnest blessings for your children, while prayerfully guiding in my heart for them to blossom with fortitude into dignified adulthood.

Even as parents of your precious ones you are still my children, and surely enough your own parents are also like children to me even though they are the kindred spirit – as together we are old souls!

I see through your challenges and keep praying for your moral courage to raise your children in this day and age where the societal pressure of disobedience is further compounded by the atmosphere of dishonesty and an absent labour of love. I carry in my heart the silent ruminations of your joy and wish for your contentment in your family while you gain honour in your community.

I thank God for making you find me. God and guru are the ultimate refuge, if indeed the guru is a traditional satguru – a realized divine being who is transparent with the supreme personality of God, and surely capable of parenting you with the highest wisdom. While guru can be of many types and hail from many backgrounds, a satguru is a true representative of the Lord, the supreme personality of God.

Whenever any deep worry was shared with me about your children’s future regarding their health and study, I was there to alleviate your concern. I was able to remove the karmic obstacle to the extent permitted by the Lord’s command and allow you repose in peace so that you did not have to forbear the tribulation all by yourselves. I was there as a spiritual pillar for you to lean on.

I have been teaching to do your best and leave the rest – to God. Rest assured, only a revealed satguru can intervene regarding your children’s dilemmas, guide at the highest level both verbally and silently, and shower blessings so that you gather fresh momentum to maintain internal harmony within your family.

If I can behold how the supreme personality of God descends and what his pastimes are, then surely I can feel and see through both the drama and dharma in your families. I would not be able to initiate anyone into the path of salvation if I could not see the past and future, even while being silently reposed in the present. I am truly blessed by the supreme personality of God, my Iṣta – my Lord, and this grace is my most precious embellishment with which I have been interacting with you ever since you have known me.

It is very important for you all to not forsake or withdraw from the shelter under my umbrella, for this canopy is not held in place by me, but by the invisible power of the supreme Lord from up above. This umbrella is not just a shade but the shelter of a giant peepal tree. You perhaps know that a peepal tree exudes nonstop oxygen day and night. Yes, the shelter of satguru is indeed like oxygen for thriving, especially for the greater family.

My own monastic satguru, Swami Hariharananda Paramahansa, predicted that I will be like a Buddha whose shelter will be filled with the balmy ambience of holy abundance. Why not take the fullest advantage of knowing me in this life and walk with me strides matched together?

One lifetime is indeed a short span and change is the very nature of the world. This world and its sumptuous cushions are constantly slipping away from us. There is no need to look hither thither or be distracted by short term advice. It is not about whether you relate better with simpler handholding. Higher visionary spiritual advice from a siddha monk is rare in this current epoch’s era.

A realized monk is proclaimed to be the most suitable satguru in this yuga. Keep deep spiritual connection with me as this will be the most prudent dharma. I am not the only witness, there are other higher divine arbiters who keep watching over us. Karmic momentum of misfortunes already set into motion are not exhausted by blessings alone. However, there are multiple levels of general protection that is built in when you study with an esteemed meditation lineage which traces back to our Iṣta – the Lord Himself.

Challenges from uninvited situations come our way due to the very urge that initiated this life. Thus it is best to not give sway to either depression or elation. Freedom is not attained until the full quota of contingent satisfactions from the momentum of karma get exhausted, which may take lifetimes of striving and adhering misery. Advice by satguru may not always seem practical but assists in loosening the karmic shackles of affliction when implemented.

This past year I have been sharing with you about the descension of Lord Kalki amongst us – His place of birth and His formation of Sudharmā Mahāsangha for the establishment of dharma on Earth, matching the revelation of Bhagavad Gita 4th chapter. In the lighted depths of my heart, I can see the young Lord Kalki studying with Lord Paraśurāma in the hidden coves and lush enclaves of a mountainous terrain that I am familiar with from my past lives.

As you have felt, the current age is such that negativity spreads faster and grips harder, but these times will change in the foreseeable future when Lord Kalki reveals His full glory. Then the lives of your children will be memorable and spiritually meaningful in every which way. I am just holding the mast and guiding you through these troubled waters. Times are forthcoming in some years that will bear the fruits of our present service and you will be able to overcome the current challenges of civilizational crises.

Whether embroiled or relatively free, once encumbered, the tentacles of duties cannot be avoided. I have always taught you to discharge the duties of life as a spiritual penance and lovingly offer the fruits of hard work to the Lord. Ultimately only the Lord can protect you from the imbalance of adversity and prosperity.

I thank you profusely for reciprocating my compassion with your charity and kindness. Now I urge you to follow my wise words. I see through your lives and hover silently over your children and parents, while I behold Lord Kalki and await His command. I welcome you heartily to secure with me the citadel of solace with rock solid fortification.

With the holy blessings of Lord Kalki,
Swami Vidyadhishananda

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