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Happy Holidays – Adorable Seekers,

Living a mindful life brings a meaningful end to a year. As we approach the closure of a calendar year, we tend to evaluate our achievements and ponder upon the not so great moments. We ruminate on the meaning of it all, especially endearing those who have lost their lives or have had great challenge surviving the unexpected surprises of the year. The drama, the quagmire, the entanglement and the entrapment all cloud our emotions. On the other hand living with positive thoughts and uplifting devotion brings about subtle feelings of freedom in the heart. We contemplate on the vision of life and plan the steps to make our noble dreams fructify.

I share my peace for your moments of reflection and pray that you find solace from your extraordinary efforts. I wish you meaningful success as you reminisce upon your breakthroughs. May you achieve immersive contemplation and experience divinity in every aspect of life. This is what will make your life enriching in every which way. Thank you for being a great soul on this earth. Please join me during these holidays for our 31st December livestream to usher in the new calendar year.

With abounding holy blessings,
Swami Vidyadhishananda

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