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Loving Devotees of Texas,

The past one week has been a greatly vulnerable time for many of you, especially those who were on the path of the hurricane and rainstorm. We convey our most loving and positive thoughts to those who are yet facing danger from rising floodwaters.

I have been earnestly praying throughout this past week and also keeping close contact with many families who are facing dangers from the floodwaters. I have been making calls to assure and build confidence to face this wrath without fear.

Of course our monastic prayers are for all residents of Texas who have had toughest luck this past week, especially those who have lost immensely and are grieving from the loss. Knowing the heart of communities, such as in Houston, I am sure you will all come together and overcome these trying times.

Having first hand experienced both a strong hurricane and a cyclone, taken shelter in the third basement during a nearby tornado; shaken hard several times during major earthquakes, and stood on top of a tall furniture for two days amidst flood submerged rooms, I am deeply empathetic to your challenges in the wake of all the uncertainties that many among you have been facing since this past week.

About the related aggravation from global warming and/or the eclipse and/or the peak debilitation of the Mars, etc., they are less important, because we cannot control the onslaught of a calamity of this magnitude. Disaster is a ground reality and we have to face them with strong nerves and correct decision making. What is important is our faith and resolve to face this type of a challenge. Our ability to be kind and our spirit of serving during these times truly define our humane qualities.

All of us who are following the developments in your affected area join you with our humble prayers for relief and repair without any further despair.

With solace and courage,
Swami Vidyadhishananda

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