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There is no way to truth, truthfulness is the way. There is no way to serve, service is the way. There is no way to love, love is the way.


Disseminating the authentic spiritual practices and holistic learning from the Vedic wisdom teachings that lead to salvation through meditation.


Implementing the contemplative tradition of mindfulness, wellness and community service from the indigenous knowledge of Sanskrit heritage.

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Fellowship & Guided Meditation

Saturday, Unity of Santa Barbara

Livestream Teaching - Inspiration for the New Year


Discourse & Briefing on Initiated Meditation



Introduction to Holistic Curriculum

A Traditionist Approach from Unbroken Lineages

The Enduring Value of Peace


Breathing from the Core

Breath is the link between body and mind. Breathing is fulfilling and helps release emotions. Deep breathing may alter our perception allowing us to pause for reflection. We all experience that our awareness is connected with breathwork. When we are in awe of tranquility, the breath often pauses as in a breathtaking moment.

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Yearning to Realize Truth

Teachings by His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda

“Learning, earning and yearning make us thrive, whereas mindfulness helps us overcome the anxiety to strive. Discharging duty with loving feelings lets us mindfully serve, but it is the genuine service that satiates the desire to be served in return. A mere mental seeking or questioning is not the way of pure perception. Meditation brings about mental clarity for subtle and pure perception. Humility is the fruit of seeking ripened by the light of knowledge. Meditative insight gently resolves the issue of right or wrong, and then knowledge is said to have matured into wisdom. When one recognizes the real purpose of yearning, there is the understanding of true freedom of being. Yearning makes us realize how grace is revealed tangibly even though our faith is intangible. O’ seeker, you are potentially divine and you stand free to discover that innate divinity and experience bliss. That momentous perception of tranquility overrides any precept or concept.”




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