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Indigenous Knowledge

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Mindful Living

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Founding Trinity

There is no way to truth, truthfulness is the way. There is no way to serve, service is the way. There is no way to love, love is the way.


Disseminating authentic spiritual practices and holistic learning from the Vedic wisdom teachings that lead to liberation through meditation.


Implementing the contemplative tradition of mindfulness, wellness and community service from the indigenous knowledge of Sanskrit heritage.

Nonprofit Leadership

Inspired by Sages

Our Cause is inspired by the sages who are seers and revealers of the gems of the ancient Sanskrit heritage

Trained by Adepts

Our Curriculum of Higher Yoga is structured by the Himalayan Siddhas who are meditation adepts and trainers of meditation

Guided by Monks

Our Fellowship is supervised by monks who are meditation masters and erudite scholars of the Sanskrit tradition

Managed by Volunteers

Our Service is run by high minded volunteers and Board of Directors who do not take any remuneration

Operated by Staff

Our Platform is staffed by trained professionals who are themselves meditators

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Nurture your spiritual growth on our online learning platform, hansavedas.academy. Access a growing library of sublime chanting, spiritual philosophy discourses, yoga training classes, and guided meditation on a computer or via the mobile app (iPhone & Android). Free content is available alongside subscriber-only content.

Wisdom Aphorisms

by His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda

~ A server is neither enamoured by the world nor critical of worldly ways.


~ The joy of serving does not end with participation but continues thereafter when no favour is sought.

~ Pleasure gathered from the world makes one indebted to the world, and hence there is the remembrance of worldliness.


~ Kindness and charity are exemplary virtues, both of which are rooted in compassion.

~ Fellowship is most fruitful when the inquirer raptly listens and the orator speaks from realization.


Meditative insight gently resolves the issue of right or wrong.

~ Grace is revealed tangibly to a devotee even though faith is intangible.


~ Holy giving enriches the giver evermore.

~ A mere mental seeking or questioning is not the way of pure perception.


~ Divinity is a palpable quality that progressively unfolds upon transcending the ego.

~ The latent memory resides in the subtle heart and that is why we say learn it by heart.


~ Most subtle sentient feeling in the centre of the chest points to the heart as the seat of self-awareness.



We are honoured by your support for the dissemination of Sanskrit-based indigenous knowledge for the benefit of modern society. As a result of your gift, we are able to embellish the collective spiritual wealth for the sake of future generations. Your support safeguards extant Sanskrit literature, spiritual practices from Vedic antiquity, monastic wisdom, and Himalayan meditation techniques of unbroken lineages. Your generosity enables the Nonprofit to create value-based publications and sustain public fellowships.