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Ancient traditions preserved

Himalayan wisdom shared

Hansavedas Fellowship shares authentic Himalayan meditation techniques and Sanskrit wisdom teachings with seekers worldwide.

Founding Trinity

There is no way to truth, truthfulness is the way. There is no way to serve, service is the way. There is no way to love, love is the way.


Disseminating authentic spiritual practices and holistic learning from the Vedic wisdom teachings that lead to liberation through meditation.


Implementing the contemplative tradition of mindfulness, wellness and community service from the indigenous knowledge of Sanskrit heritage.

Our spiritual founder,

Swami Vidyadhishananda

His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda hails from lineages of meditation adepts from Himalaya who are known for their combination of rishi sagely scholarship and nātha siddha practices. Advanced pranayama practices and samādhi meditation on the Sanskrit sutra of cardinal philosophies along with monastic inquiry methods led to his profound realization. His Holiness teaches Sanskrit philosophies with exquisite clarity and initiates seekers into Himalayan siddha kriya meditation techniques.

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Sanskrit Chanting

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Wisdom Aphorisms

by His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda

While pain is inevitable from seeking pleasure, suffering is optional. Even when the situation around you is rife with misery, you need not be miserable. The poise depends on how you anchor your character.

There is much more to life than increasing its speed. Direction is so much more than speed. You go nowhere fast. Serve unrushed while experiencing the present mindfully. The right direction will take you afar even without expectation.

While knowledge helps you make a living, wisdom allows you to build your life. Acquiring knowledge through continuous learning maintains your faculties. Whereas wisdom reveals the path to salvation from your entrapments.

You are not what you have achieved. You will know the value of your role when you have overcome your subtle fears. Success resides in the internal victory over tendencies that prick your conscience. Having overcome you can watch the duties getting done effortlessly.

The first to apologize is usually the bravest. First to forgive is considered the strongest. The one who tenders a sincere apology is said to have overcome egotism. The one who is able to genuinely forgive is said to have overcome egoism.

Inhale devotion. Exhale gratitude. Find peace during the pause in between. Let your every breath be a prayer. Breathing with this attitude sets you free.

Devices Hansavedas Academy

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Mindfulness, meditation, chanting, wisdom teachings, classical music and more. Stream on any of your devices with our mobile app. In app downloads offer the option for offline viewing. With a monthly or yearly subscription you have unlimited access to 300+ recordings.

Enlightening articles

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Read recent articles written by HH Swami Vidyadhishananda in addition to announcements about the Nonprofit from staff and volunteers.

With your support, we safeguard spiritual and cultural wealth for future generations

Your gift enables us to offer fellowships, undertake heritage preservation projects and support children’s whole-brain learning schools.

Our heritage revival projects include: Vedic fire ceremonies, preservation of Sanskrit chanting lineages, Indic classical music and more.

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